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Lake Alma State Park

422 Lake Alma Road
Wellston, Ohio 45692
Lake Alma State Park webpage
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Vinton County Birding Drive

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Jackson County

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Vinton County

Lake Alma SP (Vinton Co.)
Coordinates: 39.1459949, -82.5136566
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About Lake Alma State Park
All of Lake Alma and most of Lake Alma State Park are in Vinton County. See the state park map for the location of the county line.

Lake Alma lies nestled in the heart of the unglaciated hill country of Ohio. These hills are part of the Appalachian Highlands. Most of the rock layers are acidic sandstones, shales, and coals with an occasional limestone member. Much time has passed since the region was first uplifted from the ancient sea that once covered Ohio–allowing for the development of many different habitats. Today, this region supports more than seventy percent of Ohio’s remaining woodlands on only one-third of the state’s land. Lake Alma contains a fine example of the second growth forest now covering this part of the state. In this area, the forest is mainly of a mixed oak composition.

With the advent of forest succession on surrounding farmlands, upswings in the population of deer, grouse, gray squirrel, and other woodland species were encouraged. In the late 1950s, wild turkeys were reintroduced into this part of the state giving Vinton County the highest population of this species. Other valuable resources found at Lake Alma include a vast array of woodland wildflowers such as large-flowered trillium, wild geranium, and hepatica. The forest floor is blanketed with a variety of ferns, mosses, and lichens. The wood thrush, pileated woodpecker, great-horned owl, and barred owl make this park their home.
From Lake Alma State Park webpage

Restrooms and handicap accessible facilities at locations identified on Lake Alma State Park map.