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Knox County Birding Drive

All Hotspots in Knox County

Ackerman Nature Preserve
Apple Valley Lake
Apple Valley Lake–Apple Valley Marina
Apple Valley Lake–Bennett Park
Apple Valley Lake–Club House Road
Apple Valley Lake–Kingsway Circle Parking Area
Apple Valley Lake–Ridgeway Drive Parking Area
Apple Valley Lake–Southeast Boat Ramp
Apple Valley Lake–Southwest Boat Ramp
Apple Valley Lake–Sutton Beach
Arrington Road
Brown Family Environmental Center
Brown Family Environmental Center–North
Centerburg Community Memorial Park
Foundation Park
Franklin Miller Observatory
Fredericktown Community Park
Fredericktown Nature Center
Heart of Ohio Trail–Henry Road
Honey Run Highlands Park
Kenyon College
Knox Lake
Knox Lake–Madison Street Boat Ramp
Knox Lake–Old Mansfield Road North
Knox Lake–Old Mansfield Road South
Knox Lake–Prairie Run
Knox Lake–Spillway and Dam
Knox Woods State Nature Preserve
Kokosing Gap Trail
Kokosing Gap Trail–Danville
Kokosing Gap Trail–Howard
Kokosing Gap Trail–Lower Gambier Road
Kokosing Gap Trail–Weber Road
Kokosing Gravel Pits
Kokosing Lake Wildlife Area
Kokosing Lake Wildlife Area–Campground and Boat Ramp
Kokosing Lake Wildlife Area–Dam and Spillway
Kokosing Lake Wildlife Area–Yankee Street Access
Kokosing Nature Preserve
Kokosing River
Kokosing River–Lower Gambier Road Access
Kokosing River–Millwood Road Access
Kokosing River–Pipesville Road Access
Kokosing River–Riley Chapel Road Access
Krause Road, Centerburg
Memorial Park, Mt. Vernon
Mohican River Wildlife Area
Mohican River Wildlife Area (Knox County)
Mohican Valley Trail
Mount Vernon Developmental Center
Ramser Arboretum
Riverside Park, Mt. Vernon
Spohn Road
Thayer Ridge Park
Wolf Run Regional Park

Top Hotspots in Knox County

100 or more species reported (updated 3/5/2019)
Kokosing Lake Wildlife Area – 207
Apple Valley Lake – 177
Knox Lake – 165
Foundation Park – 154
Ackerman Nature Preserve – 148
Brown Family Environmental Center – 148
Wolf Run Regional Park – 135
Honey Run Highlands Park – 123
Kokosing Gap Trail–Lower Gambier Road – 119
Ramser Arboretum – 118