Jackson Lake State Park

Jackson Lake State Park
35 Tommy Been Road
Oak Hill, Ohio 45656
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Jackson Lake SP
Coordinates: 38.8940049, -82.5944837
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About Jackson Lake State Park
Although relatively small, 106-acre Jackson Lake State Park boasts some of the most scenic country in Ohio. The park’s serene lake is a focal point for excellent fishing and provides the ideal setting for a peaceful retreat.
From Jackson Lake State Park webpage

About Jackson Lake
Jackson Lake is located within the 349-acre Jackson Lake State Park. This public area is in Jefferson Township, Jackson County, approximately two miles west of Oak Hill. Jackson Lake is accessible off OH-279 as well as Tommy Been Road.

Jackson Lake was impounded in 1938. This area was dedicated as a state park in 1979. The land and water area is owned and managed by the ODNR Division of Parks and Recreation for recreational purposes. The topography includes steep hills and woodland. The Jackson Lake State Park area is rich in history. Remnants of iron furnaces, used to produce iron during the Civil War, can be found within the park. The lake encompasses 251 acres at normal pool with a shoreline length of 11 miles. Jackson Lake is relatively shallow. The maximum depth is 12 feet though most of the lake is six feet deep or less.

Jackson Lake lies nestled in the heart of the unglaciated hill country of southeastern Ohio. These sandstone hills are part of the Appalachian Highlands known for their diversity of plant and animal life.

This region of Ohio is heavily forested; nearly 70% of the state’s woodlands are contained in these highlands. However, at one time most of the land was barren, having been extensively logged to fuel the iron smelting industry that once flourished here. Today, the land has recovered and supports a magnificent second-growth forest containing oak, maple, hickory, tulip tree and others.

The park is home to a variety of animals including white-tailed deer and wild turkey. Other residents are skunks, raccoons, opossums, numerous songbirds, gray squirrels, great horned owls and many reptiles and amphibians. The park’s varying habitats support beautiful displays of wildflowers spring through autumn including spring beauties, dame’s violet, goldenrod, and asters.

Rugged hills and mist-filled valleys provide a colorful backdrop for Jackson Lake State Park. Two miles west of the town of Oak Hill, Jackson Lake is situated in one of the most picturesque regions of the state. The Jackson Lake area, in addition to its outstanding natural features, is endowed with a rich cultural history that spans many centuries.

Restrooms and handicap accessible facilities at locations identified on Jackson Lake State Park map.