Bellevue Reservoir No. 5

Bellevue, Ohio 44811

Also, see Bellevue Birding Drive

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Huron County

Bellevue Reservoir No. 5
Coordinates: 41.2167168, -82.7767038
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About Bellevue Reservoir No. 5
Reservoir No. 5, constructed in 1946, has a capacity of 700 million gallons and is located about five miles southeast of the filtration plant on the south side of OH-547. Water for No. 5 Reservoir is obtained by pumping from Frink Run, where water passes through a traveling screen into a west well from which four vertical centrifugal pumps discharge through a 30-inch line into the reservoir. Water flows by gravity from No. 5 to a pool in the Miller Ditch adjacent to Reservoir No. 4. The flow is through a single main approximately five miles long and varying in size from 24 to 48 inches. Water from No. 5 can be pumped into No. 4 or can enter the other three reservoirs by gravity.

No restroom facilities.