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Rices Swamp

    Killbuck, Ohio 44637

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    eBird Hotspot

    Holmes County

    Rices Swamp
    Coordinates: 40.4758779, -82.0127866
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    Photos by Clarice Jameson

    About Rices Swamp
    Rices Swamp is south of Wolf Creek and north of Township Road 71 near Killbuck in Holmes County.

    From the intersection of US-62 and Township Road 78, go south to the intersection of Township Road 78 and Township Road 71, then go east along Township Road 71 to the intersection with Township Road 73. The roads traverse private property on both sides of the roads. Please view birds from the roadside only. There is very little traffic on these roads and few places to pull over on the side of the road. Along Township Road 78, there is a shallow marsh with woody shrubs on the west side and meadow and woods on the east side. Township Road 78 crosses Wolf Creek. Along Township Road 71, there is a marsh on the north side, shallow on the west end, deeper with more open water on the east end. The south side of Township Road 71 is a wooded slope up from the road. The wooded hillside on the south side of Township Road 71 continues to the intersection with Township Road 73, while the north side of Township Road 71 turns to wet wooded bottomland.
    From Clarice Jameson

    No restroom facilities.