Mohler Wildlife Area

Mohler Wildlife Area
Loudonville, Ohio 44842
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Holmes County

Mohler Wildlife Area
Coordinates: 40.644202, -82.1823
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About Mohler Wildlife Area
The 46-acre Mohler Wildlife Area is situated in northeastern Ohio in western Holmes County. The area is located a half-mile south of OH-3 and approximately 2 miles east of Loudonville. The area lies in the glaciated central hills region of Ohio, with moderately rolling topography.

The land for the Mohler Wildlife Area was deeded to the Division of Wildlife from the estate of Mr. Charles W. Mohler, in 1997. Mr. Mohler had managed this farm with wildlife in mind for many years. The present wildlife management plan provides for maintaining regular crop rotations (through cooperative management with local farmers), and maintenance and protection of existing woodlands and brushlands. This area is managed as a public use facility.

Deer, cottontail rabbit, fox squirrel, and woodchuck are the principal game species, and raccoon is the principal fur-bearer species.

A good variety of nesting and migrant birds utilize the area. Of particular interest is the spring migration of songbirds, especially warblers, in the brushy old pasture and mature woods south of the road.

County and township roads provide good access to the wildlife area. A small parking lot has been built in the center of the area.
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No restroom facilities.