Tar Hollow State Park (Hocking County)

Laurelville, Ohio 43135
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Also, see Tar Hollow State Park, Tar Hollow State Forest and Tar Hollow Important Bird Area

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Hocking County

Tar Hollow SP (Hocking Co.)
Coordinates: 39.3826807, -82.7471137
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Tips for birding Tar Hollow State Park
Birders who are careful about keeping lists of birds they have seen in each county should note that the intersection of three county lines is located in Tar Hollow State Park. (See the state park map for the location of the county lines.) The campgrounds and Pine Lake are in Ross County. The Headquarters and the Homestead Trail are in Hocking County. No eBird hotspots have been established in the Vinton County section of the state park. If you create a checklist in this section of the park, please suggest the location as an eBird hotspot.

About Tar Hollow State Park
Twisting park and forest roads pass through 604 acres of deep ravines and dense woodlands. Scattered shortleaf and pitch pines growing on the ridges were once a source of pine tar for early settlers, hence the name Tar Hollow. Dogwoods, redbuds, and a variety of wildflowers color the hillsides in the springtime. Fall’s pageant of color is spectacular.
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