Busby Road

Busby Road
Cadiz, Ohio 43907

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Harrison County

Busby Rd.
Coordinates: 40.1993394, -81.0657737
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Tips for birding Busby Road
Busby Road is a gravel road that goes east and west of OH-519. The west end covers areas of reclaimed strip land. The areas are grassy and favorable for most grassland species, including nesting Upland Sandpipers in the breeding months. In the winter months, the areas are frequented by winter raptors, including Northern Harriers and Rough-legged Hawks. Short-eared Owls also hunt in these areas as the sun sets and into the night. There are a few ponds visible from the road to look for waterfowl and shorebirds.

The eastern segment runs downhill past wooded areas containing expected woodland birds ending below a small marsh area.

A note about roads in this area: Many of these roads are not officially roads and are not maintained by the county or even by townships. Many have been developed to allow access to oil and gas extraction, so many phone-based maps are inaccurate. It is unclear who “owns” them. This appears to be an artifact of determining who is managing the formerly mined areas. If signs indicate private property, assume that this is true and do not enter that area.
From Jon Cefus

About Busby Road
Busby Road (Harrison County Road 264) traverses privately owned properties. Please view birds from the roadside only.

No restroom Facilities