Buckeye Trail Barn

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Harrison County

Buckeye Trail Barn
Coordinates: 40.3254117, -81.159482
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About Buckeye Trail Barn
Located on the shore of Tappan Lake, the BTA Century Barn is an English style, three bay ground barn with louvered ventilation. In 2003, the BTA partnered with the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District and leased the barn for 30 years. Since then, the barn has been undergoing gradual renovations and is now ready for use as the headquarters of the BTA.

Thanks to more than 1,500 volunteer hours, some of the notable renovations include a new roof, pine flooring in designated areas, restrooms and showers available for summertime use, a kitchen, dormitory-style sleeping rooms, exterior paint, an expanded parking area, a new sidewalk and drainage tiles.

Additionally, along with its use as the headquarters for the BTA, the restored barn is now available for use by the community, for a donation.

Directions to the barn: Take I-77 to US-250 east (just south of New Philadelphia). Follow US-250 past Tappan Dam almost to the end of the lake. There is a causeway with a sign that reads “Tappan Lake Park”. Turn right (this road also takes you to Deersville). Approximately 3.1 miles from the US-250 turnoff is Beale Road on the right. Follow this dead-end road 1.3 miles. It ends at the BTA Barn down a long gravel driveway.

Please remember that the house side of the driveway is absolutely and strictly off-limits. It is a private residence so please respect their wishes and stay on our side of the driveway and please do not block any roads.
From Buckeye Trail Barn webpage

Tips for birding Tappan Lake
There are 2,350 acres of water and it is surrounded by 5,000 acres of land. This lake has developed areas with homes and weekend cabins but there are still many acres in deciduous forest that are not developed. There are some pine plantings (dating from around 1955). There is one marina and there is a developed campground and park near Deersville. You need to call if you plan to camp because I think the campground is full most of the time. There is also a swimming beach at the park.

Follow US-250 south from Dennison about 8 miles or follow US-250 north about 10 miles from Cadiz. The lake lies along the road for seven or eight miles.

Open all year during daylight hours.
Many parking areas along US-250 and others at end of roads that deadend into lake.
The Buckeye Trail runs through portions of this area.
From Ohio Ornithological Society

Birds of Interest by Season
Water birds until the lake freezes.
Bald eagles, ospreys, ruffed grouse, pileated woodpeckers.

About Tappan Lake
Tappan Lake is in northwestern Harrison County in Stock and Franklin townships. US-250 follows the main body of the reservoir for 7 miles. Township roads border three long bays on the north side, making easy access to the lake. New Philadelphia, with access to I-77, lies 20 miles to the northwest.

The Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District was organized under state law in 1933 for the primary purposes of flood control, conservation, and recreation. The first waters to form the permanent lakes were impounded in 1938. In 1939 the flood control aspect became the responsibility of the United State Army Corps of Engineers as part of the Ohio-Mississippi Flood Control Program.

The Division of Wildlife is responsible for all hunting and fishing in the District’s 54,000 acres of land and water. There are 16,000 acres of Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District lakes with 365 miles of shoreline to enjoy.

Tappan Lake was impounded by constructing a dam across Little Stillwater Creek. It has 2,131 acres of water and its 47 miles of shoreline offers more accessible shoreline fishing than any other Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District lake.

Restrooms and handicap accessible facilities at locations identified on Tappan Lake map.