Wyoming Hike-Bike Trail

Wyoming Hike-Bike Trail
Wyoming, Ohio 45215
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Wyoming Hike-Bike Trail map

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Hamilton County

Wyoming Hike-Bike Trail
Coordinates: 39.2472697, -84.4698994
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Photo by Brandt Schurenberg

Ohio Birding Day Hike

Tips for birding Wyoming Hike-Bike Trail
The Wyoming Bike-hike trail follows the West Fork of the Mill Creek downstream from where it flows through Glenwood Gardens. It is a half-mile in length and can easily be birded in less than an hour. A scope is unnecessary. Paved and level, the trail is wheelchair accessible along its whole length. But, rolling or walking, you must be aware at all times of the bicyclists who use the trail as they sometimes move quite fast.

Parking is available off Springfield Pike (OH-4) next to Pure Granite and Stone (9978 Springfield Pike). Look for the large yucca plant right at the parking lot entrance. The first half of the trail has light industry on your right, but the sliver of riparian woods on your left can be surprisingly productive. After you pass the swimming pool on your right, the next building is the Wyoming Recreation Center. Walk up the driveway to find comfortable restrooms in front (look for the signs). Unfortunately, during the freezing months, these restrooms are not available.

As you continue along, you will cross the creek on a bridge. This is a good spot for spring and fall migrants and where the Wood Ducks gather in October. After the bridge, you enter mature riparian woodland. Nesting Acadian Flycathers, Yellow-throated Warblers, Baltimore Orioles, and other species are present most summers. This part of the trail can be somewhat buggy.

When you reach the second bridge, you are near the end, although one can follow the creek along the road and go through two more small creekside parks. This extension is not wheelchair accessible, though. The trail is not a loop, so from here you must retrace your steps.
From Brandt Schurenberg

About Wyoming Hike-Bike Trail
The Wyoming Hike-Bike Trail was dedicated in 2009. The trail extends from the bend in the road where North Park Avenue and North Avenue meet and takes you along a scenic wooded path along the Mill Creek to the Wyoming Recreation Center. In 2012, the Village of Woodlawn finished an extension of their Hike-Bike trail which now connects to the end of Wyoming’s trail. In 2018, the trail was extended from the bend in the road at North Park Avenue and North Avenue to the entrance at Oak Park.

The combined trails can be used to access the Wyoming and Woodlawn Recreation Centers, Glenwood Gardens, and the Glenwood Crossings Shopping Center. The Wyoming Hike-Bike Trail is part of the West Fork Mill Creek Greenway Trail, and part of a larger greenway network.
From Wyoming Parks webpage

Restrooms at the Wyoming Recreation Center in warm weather. The Wyoming Hike-Bike Trail is wheelchair accessible. The extension of the trail is not wheelchair accessible.