Winton Woods

Winton Woods
10245 Winton Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45231
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Hamilton County

Winton Woods
Coordinates: 39.2586753, -84.516921
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Winton Woods–Parkys Farm and Riding Center
Coordinates: 39.2525443, -84.5282722
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Winton Woods–Settling Pond
Coordinates: 39.2651173, -84.4988248
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Winton Woods Trails

Fitness Trail – 1.1 miles – moderate
The 1.1-mile trail goes through a very pretty wooded area that contains some evergreen trees, creeks that lead into Winton Lake and habitat for many different types of animals. The trail features several exercise stations along its length to build variety into your workout.

Great Oaks Trail – .7 mile – moderate
The 0.7-mile trail winds you through a beautiful forest and along Kingfisher Creek. The trail has many old and wonderfully huge oak trees, from which it took its name. This is a wonderful spot to see the spring wildflower trout lily in April as it covers many of the hillsides along this trail.

Harbor Loop Trail – 1.7 miles – easy
The Harbor Loop Trail is 1.7 miles around the lake and includes two bridges. The trail also extends under Winton Road to the West Loop Trail, which is an additional .9 miles. The trail passes by the boathouse, which floats because of the lake being used for flood control, and by the campground, which includes 123 camping sites. You will notice on the hillside near the basketball courts there is an historical marker for the Science Hall School. Built in 1806, it served as the area school for 132 years until 1938, when the Village of Greenhills was created. Along the trail, you may notice trees that have been gnawed at or bark clippings. This may be the carpentry work of the beavers that reside in the park and enjoy grabbing a tasty meal from the trees along the shore.

Kingfisher Trail – 1.1 miles – moderate
This 1.1-mile trail has two distinct sections: the upper forested section and the lower section that runs along Kingfisher Creek. The upper section is a relatively young forest and travels along a small seasonal creek. The lower portion is sometimes flooded out depending on the time of year and rainfall or snow melt. The creek provides a home for many species of bird, crayfish, dragonflies and many others.

West Branch Trail – .9 mile – easy
This trail spur connects the harbor to the Winton Woods visitor center and eventually to the Kingfisher Trail. As you pass the visitor center parking lot, the rain garden provides three seasons of blooms, birds and insects to delight you. This section of the trail also provides an overlook in the spring of the heron rookery across the lake.

The AllTrails website has descriptions with maps of 4 hikes on trails in Winton Woods.

About Winton Woods
Since the 1940s, Winton Woods has been a popular destination for thousands of residents and visitors to Cincinnati. Many great memories have been made over the years and we have all come to enjoy the great features that this 2,555 acre park has to offer, including its miles of trails, Winton Lake, camping at the recently renovated campground, challenging golf courses, live farm animals at Parky’s Farm, horseback riding at the Riding Center, exciting team-building activities at Adventure Outpost…and much more.
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