Smale Riverfront Park

Smale Riverfront Park
West Mehring Way
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
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Hamilton County

Smale Riverfront Park
Coordinates: 39.0953468, -84.5089817
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About Smale Riverfront Park
The park is intended to reconnect downtown to the river and to link with the existing riverfront parks to the east. It is a place to view the river and river traffic, gather and celebrate as a community, and be inspired.

The park has been built as a series of terraces that accommodate seasonal flooding along the river edge, which includes areas lifted out of the floodplain.

The park is divided into two primary levels. The Schmidlapp Event Lawn is part of the upper level and provides a green roof for the parking garage. The upper level of the park is above the 100 year flood. The rest of the park, the lower level south of Mehring Way, is within the floodplain. Pathways within the park are universally accessible with access to the water’s edge.
From Smale Riverfront Park webpage

Restrooms on site.