Conrey Road Bird and Butterfly Sanctuary

Conrey Road Bird and Butterfly Sanctuary
Cincinnati, OH 45249

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Hamilton County

Conrey Rd. Bird and Butterfly Sanctuary
Coordinates: 39.2876685, -84.3615031
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Tips for birding Conrey Road Bird and Butterfly Sanctuary
Access to the property is from Francis Recreacres, which is a Great Parks park. There is plenty of parking there. Visitors can cross the street and head north or south to pick up the perimeter trail or they can simply head up the driveway toward the house, go right around the building, down the hill, and pick up the perimeter trail in the middle on the west side. From there go either north or south. Either direction will eventually take you back to Conrey Road, Francis Recreacres, .and the parking lot there.

The property has a wide mowed path that is regularly maintained throughout the growing season. It follows the perimeter of the portion of the property that sits east of Reed Hartman. There is a small heavily wooded section on the west side of Reed Hartman. There is also a paved driveway that extends from Conrey Road on the east border, all the way up to the house which is about .5 mile from the road. They keep the area around the house mowed as well and if you circle north around a second masonry outbuilding, there is also a small section of wide mowed path that takes you down to join the perimeter path.

There is a fairly narrow stretch of mature forest on both sides of Reed Hartman, with stormwater drainage creeks running through both sections. The rest of the property is fields filled with native wildflowers and invasive plants (mostly Callery Pear, Japanese Honeysuckle, and some scattered Amur Honeysuckle and Autumn Olive). There are also groves of Sassafras, Winged Sumac, Elderberry, and other trees.

There is also a natural spring on the property just below the house that flows all year round.
From Ken Carman

About Conrey Road Bird and Butterfly Sanctuary
The Conrey Road Bird and Butterfly Sanctuary is owned by Great Parks Metro Parks. It is currently undeveloped and is across the road from Francis Recreacres.

The property is mostly open meadows which are currently mowed, with several wooded sections and small creeks. The perimeter trail is about 2.3 miles around, plus a paved driveway that heads up the middle of the property. There are many sparrows in winter, including Fox and Tree. Meadowlark, Blue Grosbeak nest her in the summer. Great Horned Owls have been observed.

Conrey Road runs between Fields Ertel and East Kemper. There is plenty of parking at Francis Recreacres across the road.
From Ken Carman

No restroom facilities.