US-35 @ OH-72 Pond

US-35 @ OH-72 Pond
US-35 Eastbound Exit Ramp
Jamestown, Ohio 45335

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Greene County

US-35 @ OH-72 Pond (view from roadside only)
Coordinates: 39.6705265, -83.7391638
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Tips for birding US-35 @ OH-72 Pond
Please view birds on the pond at the US-35 and OH-72 interchange from the roadside only.

This pond may be viewed from a pull off on the eastbound US-35 exit ramp at the OH-72 exit. It is a winter location that gets a number of personal locations every year, so I suggested it as an eBird hotspot to better organize the reports. The exit has a dedicated pull off that is safe to hop out with a scope. I even had a state trooper ask what I was doing and he seemed happy that I was out looking at the ducks and geese and drove off no other questions asked.

The pinned location for the hotspot is the exact spot for people to stand and scan with a scope. This pull off is the only vantage point of the body of water.
From Sean Hollowell

No restroom facilities.