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Observatory Park

10610 Clay Street
Montville, Ohio 44064
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Geauga County

Observatory Park
Coordinates: 41.5842719, -81.0835924
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About Observatory Park
Observatory Park provides more than 1,100 acres where the public can connect with, explore, and experience the natural world from the ground to the galaxies – an educational experience that can change perceptions of Earth and sky and compel people to interact with these in a new way.

From the microscopic species found in woodland pools to the vast wonders that illuminate the night skies, we have a universe of natural wonders to explore. Observatory Park is designed to open this vast world to students and curiosity-seekers of any age or level of experience.

This park also addresses the national priority for education in a unique fashion. Studies have shown that U.S. leadership in science and engineering is being challenged, and it is estimated that the U.S. will need 200,000 new science and math teachers over the next decade. Our legacy of creativity and innovation should be kept at the forefront.
From Observatory Park webpage

Restrooms and handicap accessible facilities at locations identified on Observatory Park map.