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Geauga County East Birding Drive
Geauga County West Birding Drive

Chagrin River Corridor Important Bird Area
Cuyahoga River-Upper Important Bird Area
Grand River-Upper Important Bird Area

All Hotspots in Geauga County

Aquilla Lake
Auburn Marsh Wildlife Area
Bass Lake Preserve
Beartown Lakes Reservation
Bessie Benner Metzenbaum Park
Big Creek Park
Burton Wetlands
Burton Wetlands–Kettle Trail
Chickagami Park
Claridon Recreation Park
Claridon Woodlands
Eldon Russell Park
Frohring Meadows
Grand River–Parkman Gorge Canoe Access
Hambden Orchard Wildlife Area
Hayes Road
Headwaters Park
Headwaters Park–Entrance Parking Lot
Headwaters Park–North Entrance and Buckeye Trail
Holden Arboretum
Holden Arboretum–Bole Woods
LaDue Public Hunting Area–Bartholomew Road Ponds
LaDue Reservoir
LaDue Reservoir–Auburn Road
LaDue Reservoir–Boathouse
LaDue Reservoir–OH-44 Boat Ramp
LaDue Reservoir–South
Little Punderson Lake
Maple Highlands Trail
Maple Highlands Trail–Burton-Windsor Road to Tare Creek Road
Maple Highlands Trail–Headwaters Park to Burton-Windsor Road
Maple Highlands Trail–Headwaters Park to OH-608
Maple Highlands Trail–North of Fifth Avenue, Chardon
Maple Highlands Trail–OH-601 Access to Chardon
Maple Highlands Trail–OH-601 Access to Girdled Road
Maple Highlands Trail–OH-608 to Chardon
Maple Highlands Trail–Tare Creek Road to OH-528
Observatory Park
Orchard Hills Park
Patch Road
Pekin Road Marsh
Punderson State Park
Punderson State Park–Stump Lake
Russell Uplands Preserve
Soltis Road
South Russell Village Park
Sunnybrook Preserve
Swine Creek Reservation
Swine Creek Reservation–Lodge and Bird Feeders
Swine Creek Reservation–Valley Shelter Area
Tanglewood Lake
The Rookery
Thompson Ledges Township Park
Upper Cuyahoga River–Horwaths Landing
Walter C. Best Wildlife Preserve
West Geauga Commons
West Woods
Whitlam Woods

Top Hotspots in Geauga County

100 or more species reported (updated 3/5/2019)
LaDue Reservoir – 235
Frohring Meadows – 200
Burton Wetlands – 177
Eldon Russell Park – 172
LaDue Reservoir–Auburn Road – 170
The Rookery – 164
Headwaters Park – 161
Swine Creek Reservation – 158
Walter C. Best Wildlife Preserve – 157
Auburn Marsh Wildlife Area – 148