Sauder Village Oak Savannah and Wetlands

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Sauder Village Oak Savannah and Wetlands
Coordinates: 41.539409, -84.2948946
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Photos by Jake Myers

Tips for birding Sauder Village Oak Savannah and Wetlands
The oak savanna is good for some grassland species (Dickcissel, Savannah Sparrow, Eastern Meadowlark) and I expect that there may be more sparrow species during migration. The wetland has a nice, long mudflat. Tave been Least Sandpipers, both yellowlegs, Spotted Sandpipers, and Killdeer. I have spotted Mallards and Blue-winged Teal with ducklings in the wetland. A scope is highly recommended to get good views of shorebirds on the mudflat. There is an observation deck in the northwest corner of the south wetland with a bench. In the morning, the sun can be very bright from the east, making views from the observation deck worse.

You can park right beside the restrooms which is an easy walk. However, this spot can be filled with vehicles of people camping at the adjacent campground. These restrooms are handicap accessible, though the trails are gravel and grass.
From Jake Myers

About Sauder Village Oak Savannah and Wetlands
Sauder Village has partnered with Fulton Soil and Water Conservation District, The Nature Conservancy, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife, and Ducks Unlimited to convert approximately 30 acres of agricultural fields into a publicly accessible wetlands area.

Sauder Village has constructed two wetlands and vegetative buffers in order to capture, store, and treat nutrient loads and runoff to the Tiffin River and ultimately the Maumee River and Lake Erie. These wetlands establish a natural habitat, minimize flooding, and provide pathways that serve as a public demonstration and education facility for ecological restoration and recreation.

Approximately two miles of walking paths around the wetland dikes connect with existing walking paths through an oak savannah and natural areas, and around “Little Lake Erie”. Other agricultural best management practices implemented at Sauder Village include filter strips, riparian buffers, grassed waterways, and windbreaks. The wetlands & expanded naturalized areas include native warm season grasses and wild flowers as well as Oak Savanna trees.
From Sauder Village Oak Savannah and Wetlands brochure and map

Restrooms in Sauder Village Campground.