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Kelleys Island–Jones Preserve at Long Point

About Jones Preserve at Long Point
Between 1976 and 1982, brothers Thomas and Brooks Jones donated parcels totaling 21 acres on a narrow strip of land that juts from the island’s northeast corner called Long Point. This area is a vital stopover site for migratory birds crossing Lake Erie — particularly warblers, which prefer mature forests close to the lake for their rest stops. In recognition of the Jones brothers’ generosity in donating Long Point to the Museum, in 2006, Long Point was renamed the Jones Preserve. Since 1996, the Jones Preserve has been a key research site for certified bird-bander and Museum Research Associate Tom Bartlett. Tom, wife Paula and other volunteers have mist-netted and banded 3,825 spring migrants here.
From Cleveland Museum of Natural History Kelleys Island preserves webpage

Restrooms at locations identified on Kelleys Island State Park map.