East Sandusky Bay MetroPark–Joseph Steinen Wildlife Area

East Sandusky Bay MetroPark
Joseph Steinen Wildlife Area

Huron, Ohio 44839
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East Sandusky Bay MetroPark–Joseph Steinen Wildlife Area
Coordinates: 41.4229098, -82.6358385
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About Joseph Steinen Wildlife Area
Steinen Wildlife Area, one of several key protected natural areas along the southern shoreline of Lake Erie, is part of East Sandusky Bay MetroPark located along the southern shoreline of Lake Erie. This 155-acre natural area protects an extraordinary freshwater marsh and uplands rich in critical wildlife food and cover.

From the most northern tip of the wildlife area, the extended view of East Sandusky Bay is open and inspiring. Steinen Wildlife Area includes three neighboring parcels, all adjacent to US-6 between Huron and Sandusky. The east and west parcels are bounded on the north by Lake Erie and the southern most parcel by Perkins Avenue.

A wide variety of wildlife and waterfowl species are supported by the east and west parcels along East Sandusky Bay. It is an important stopover point along the Mississippi and Atlantic Flyway, one of the largest bird migration routes in the eastern U.S. Migratory birds following the flyway depend upon the wetlands to provide them with the food and rest they need to finish their migration. Year-round local inhabitants such as American Bald Eagles and Whitetailed Deer depend upon the uplands and marshlands food and shelter during harsh Ohio winters. A biological survey of wildlife and plant species visiting or living in the area is underway. Sixty-five species of birds, including neotropical migrant warblers, have been observed along the Bay. A previous survey found more than 180 species of plants, some of which are threatened.

The northernmost parts of the east and west parcels are greatly influenced by the water level of adjacent Lake Erie and some sections are presently underwater. Along with other wetlands in East Sandusky Bay MetroPark, the marsh here is currently in the process of being reclaimed from the invasive alien grass known as phragmites. Former upland farm fields have been planted in buckwheat, corn, or grain sorghum for wildlife food and cover.

While being a part of Steinen Wildlife Area, the south parcel is very different from the east and west parcels. On the site is the Erie County Ohio Bicentennial Barn. A neighbor’s horses continue to graze on private pastureland adjacent to the Barn
From Joseph Steinen Wildlife Area webpage

Restrooms at Eagle Point.