Cedar Point Chaussee

Cedar Point Chaussee
Huron, Ohio 44839

Also, see Cedar Point

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Erie County

Cedar Point Chaussee (restricted access)
Coordinates: 41.4292122, -82.6223139
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About Cedar Point Chaussee
Please, note that police may ticket drivers who stop on the Chaussee roadway.

Since Cedar Point is on an island, originally the only way to get to it was by steamship. To solve this access problem, in 1911 it was announced that a road would be constructed. Cedar Point general manager George A. Boeckling realized that building a road to cater to the increasingly popular automobiles would be the key to the park’s continued growth and success.

Work began on the road in 1913, and construction across the marsh was costly and difficult. When the two-lane concrete highway was finished, it ran one mile north to the lake and then six miles west along the length of the peninsula to the park. The completed road was widely regarded as an engineering marvel and was one of the first concrete roads built in Ohio. The new highway was even given a special name, “The Chaussee,” which is a French word for a paved road. Brick pillars and iron gates gave the Chaussee entrance a handsome appearance.
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No restroom facilities.