Covington Meadows Nature Reserve

Covington Meadows Nature Reserve
Tussic Road
Westerville, Ohio 43082

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Delaware County

Covington Meadows Nature Reserve
Coordinates: 40.1725288, -82.9021333
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About Covington Meadows Nature Reserve
Covington Meadows, located in Genoa Township between Tussic Road and Old 3-C Highway and just north of the Freeman Road intersection, features 47 acres of meadow land.

The public walking paths wind through lush meadow lands filled with a wide variety of wildflowers, prairie grasses, birds and small animals. The subsoil at Covington Meadows is largely yellow-clay, yielding numerous pink and gray granite boulders, at least one nearly the size of a small automobile.

The upper reaches of Spring Run flow east out of Covington Meadows, past the two subdivision retention ponds along Tussic Road and into the Medallion Estates subdivision. That 600-acre tract had included vibrant breeding grounds for the Great Blue Heron within more than 85 acres of wetlands, much of which has been integrated into a golf course, with provisions for curtailing activities during the breeding season. The waters draining from there turn south and eventually flow into Alum Creek just north of Dublin-Granville Road, between Westerville Road and I-270. While the east-flowing run-off from Covington Meadows seemingly defies emptying into nearby Hoover Reservoir and eventually flows into the Alum Creek watershed, the close proximity of the lake has a definite impact on the wildlife in the area.
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