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All Hotspots in Delaware County

Alexander Road
Alum Creek Trail–Polaris Parkway to County Line Road
Alum Creek State Park
Alum Creek State Park–Africa Road @ Plumb Road
Alum Creek State Park–Alum Reservoir
Alum Creek State Park–Beach and Alum Reservoir South
Alum Creek State Park–Big Run Road Access
Alum Creek State Park–Campground
Alum Creek State Park–Cheshire Boat Ramp
Alum Creek State Park–Dam at Africa Road
Alum Creek State Park–Delaware County Road 10A Fishing Access
Alum Creek State Park–Hogback Road
Alum Creek State Park–Howard Road Parking
Alum Creek State Park–Kilbourne Boat Launch
Alum Creek State Park–Marina
Alum Creek State Park–New Galena Boat Ramp
Alum Creek State Park–OH-37 Fishing Access
Alum Creek State Park–Old Berlin Station Road
Alum Creek State Park–Park Office Trails
Alum Creek State Park–Sailing Club Access
Alum Creek State Park–Spillway
Amberleigh Community Park
Blue Limestone Park
Blues Creek Preserve
Char-Mar Ridge Preserve
Chase Retention Ponds
Columbus Upground Reservoir–Retention Ponds
Columbus Zoo
Covington Meadows Nature Reserve
Deer Haven Preserve
Delaware Reservoir–North End
Delaware State Park
Delaware State Park–Lakeview Trail
Delaware State Park–South Beach
Delaware State Park–Willey Road
Delaware Wetland Mitigation Marsh
Delaware Wildlife Area
Delaware Wildlife Area–Cole Road
Delaware Wildlife Area–East Marsh
Delaware Wildlife Area–Panhandle Road
Delaware Wildlife Area–Ponds South of Cole Road
Delaware Wildlife Area–Sherwood Road Area
Delaware Wildlife Area–Wildlife Road
Emily Traphagen Preserve
Galena Brick Trail–Miller Park
Gallant Farm
Gallant Woods Park
Havener Park
Heritage Wetlands
Highbanks Metro Park
Highbanks Metro Park–Big Meadows
Highbanks Metro Park–Coyote Run Trail
Highbanks Metro Park–Dripping Rock Trail
Highbanks Metro Park–Nature Center
Highbanks Metro Park–Overlook Trail
Highbanks Metro Park–Scenic River Trail
Highbanks Metro Park–Wetland Blind
Hilmar Park
Hogback Ridge Preserve
Hoover Nature Preserve
Hoover Nature Preserve–Area L
Hoover Nature Preserve–Area N
Hoover Nature Preserve–Boardwalk Area M
Hoover Nature Preserve–Gertrude S. Lawrence Woods
Hoover Nature Preserve–Hoover Meadows
Hoover Nature Preserve–Mud Hen Marsh
Hoover Nature Preserve–Old Sunbury Road
Hoover Nature Preserve–Oxbow Road
Hoover Reservoir
Hoover Reservoir (Delaware County)
Hoover Reservoir–Area D
Hoover Reservoir–Maxtown Boat Launch
Hoover Reservoir–North
Hoover Reservoir–Sunbury Causeway and Baldridge Boat Ramp
Hoover Reservoir–Twin Bridges Boat Ramp
Hoover Scenic Trail, Plumb Road to Wiese Road
Liberty Park, Powell
McNamara Park
Mingo Park
Ohio Wesleyan University Campus
Olentangy Indian Caverns
O’Shaughnessy Nature Preserve–Twin Lakes
O’Shaughnessy Reservoir
O’Shaughnessy Reservoir–Area P, Pylon Point
O’Shaughnessy Reservoir–Boater Education Facility, Area C
O’Shaughnessy Reservoir–Dam
Resurrection Cemetery, Lewis Center
River Run Park
Ruffner Park
Sandel Legacy Trail
Scioto River–The Point
Seymour Woods State Natural Area
Shale Hollow Preserve
Smith Preserve
Stratford Woods State Nature Preserve
Veterans Park, Delaware
Walnut Creek Trail

stakeout Calliope Hummingbird, 4575 Maynard Rd., Delaware (2017)

The eBird checklist reviewers for Delaware County are Alex Eberts and Steve Landes.