Shawnee Prairie Preserve

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Darke County

Shawnee Prairie Preserve
Coordinates: 40.0987066, -84.6463108
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Ohio Birding Day Hike

Shawnee Prairie Trails
There are 2.25 miles of trails to hike in the Shawnee Prairie Preserve.

Take the Deer Run Trail to Mud Creek. Cross Mud Creek and take the Woodcock Prairie Trail. Return to Mud Creek on the Beaver Path Trail.

Other trails to explore at Shawnee Prairie are: Ancient Oaks Trail, Fallen Ash Trail. Woodpecker Woods Trail, Farmers Lane Trail, and Hill Top Trail.

About Shawnee Prairie Preserve
Shawnee Prairie Preserve is Darke County Park’s largest park. There are currently about 2.25 miles of level trails that wind throughout the different ecosystems of the 118-acre park. Benches and observation towers at different points along the trails make visiting the park more enjoyable for visitors who wish to spend some time observing the plants and wildlife within the preserve.

Archaeological evidence has confirmed that at least a portion of Shawnee Prairie Preserve was the site of Prophetstown. This village was founded by Tecumseh’s brother (called The Prophet) to rally fifteen woodland Indian Nations to gather here and demonstrate their living and hunting rights under the 1795 Treaty of Greene Ville.

Rich in natural diversity, Shawnee features wetlands, restored prairies, two streams, a wet woods, swamp forest,and a successional area.
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Restrooms on site.