White City Park

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White City Amusement park closed on this site in 1908 and later was a city beach park. In more recent history it has been permanently closed. This eBird Hotspot was set up to receive historical records from the period when the park was open.

Cuyahoga County

White City Park (closed)
Coordinates: 41.5701233, -81.58988
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About White City Park
In the golden era of Cleveland’s amusement parks, White City Amusement Park was one of many built to compete with the most successful of them all, Euclid Beach Park. It was located a mile to the west of Euclid Beach Park and was even served by the same streetcars. The two parks became a common destination for a day’s outing for the few seasons that White City Park and Euclid Beach Park were neighbors. White City Park also shares something in common with the famous New York-based Coney Island, as the Cleveland-based park adopted the ideas of Coney Island’s Dreamland Park. The general idea was to bring in entertainers and celebrities to draw people to the park. Cleveland, however, suffered from a lack of star power and the Dreamland concept was less than successful.

Unlike Euclid Beach, White City charged an admission fee, which hurt its business. After a fire burned down over half of the park in 1906 and a windstorm caused severe damage in 1907, the owners had been through enough. White City Park was closed in 1908.
From History of White City Park webpage