Brecksville Town Square

Brecksville Town Square
Brecksville, Ohio 44141
City of Brecksville website

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Brecksville Town Square
Coordinates: 41.3202983, -81.6274395
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Tips for birding Brecksville Town Square
Town Square in downtown Brecksville is about a mile east of the OH-82 exit on I-77. Both Turkey Vultures and Black Vultures have been spotted in the area.

The streets around the square and the buildings where the vultures normally perch are on the northwest corner of intersection of Brecksville Road and OH-82 which is also called East Royalton Road (and Chippewa Road when it goes east of Brecksville Road).

The map below has bright green lines and a circled area which show the places where I have seen Turkey Vultures perched. The spot where I have seen the Black Vultures is near the chimneys on the church building which is just below the circled number “1.” on the map.

Map by Ken Andrews

Things to be aware of:
+ The section of Stadium Road just in front of the church buildings is one way.
+ You can only go west on this short stretch of road.
+ And, you cannot turn left off Brecksville Road if you are going north.

I marked parking spots in dark blue dotted lines. If there are a lot of cars in the area, you can always go east on East Royalton Road and Chippewa Road to the Marc’s plaza on the south side of the road where there is plenty of parking and walk back.

I also marked the Starbucks parking lot on the map in bright blue because you can get a good view of the chimneys from that lot with binoculars. And, sometimes it the best view. Just be aware that there could be a lot of traffic using that driveway. There is a grocery store and other businesses just to the east of that spot.

I usually make a left off East Royalton Road onto Public Square and park on the right side of that street.

I have also seen a lot of vultures in the conifers on Stadium Drive to the west. Birders who go to this area more frequently than me say that there can be a lot of them perched in that area. Other birders have also told me that the vultures also use the trees south of East Royalton Road. But, I have never explored that area.
From Ken Andrews

About Brecksville Town Square
The Brecksville Town Square is a small green space in the center of the city of Brecksville.

No restroom facilities. There are restrooms at nearby businesses.