Bradstreets Landing

Bradstreets Landing
Rocky River, Ohio 44116

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Cleveland Lakeshore West Birding Drive

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Bradstreets Landing
Coordinates: 41.4829908, -81.868068
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Tips for birding Bradstreets Landing
Bradstreet’s Landing provides a public, lake-level view of birds west of Rocky River Park. This small area is at lake level, whereas the nearby Rocky River Park is on a cliff overlooking the lake.

From Lake Road (US-6) in Rocky River, turn north into the area about a mile west of Falmouth Drive, which leads to Rocky River Park. At bottom of a hill going east or west.

Bradstreet’s Landing is open all year from dawn to dusk. However, the fishing pier is closed during the winter.
From Ohio Ornithological Society

Bradstreets Landing is a stop on the Lake Erie Birding Trail.

Birds of Interest by Season
Lakefront migrants until lake freezes, especially waterfowl, gulls.
Lakefront migrants, including vultures, waterfowl, gulls, raptors.
Lakefront migrants, including loons, grebes, waterfowl, including all three species of scoters.

About Bradstreets Landing
The 6-acre Bradstreets Landing is located on Lake Road (US-6) about 1,000 feet west of Avalon Drive in Rocky River and situated in a swale where the Spencer Creek empties into Lake Erie.

The site was the backdrop of Bradstreet’s Disaster in 1764. British Colonel John Bradstreet and his armada had been dispatched from Fort Niagara to Fort Detroit via Lake Erie to help defuse Pontiac’s Rebellion. On the return trip, darkness at the Rocky River made navigation too treacherous. The party elected to make an unscheduled stop at what is now Bradstreet’s Landing. Here they encountered a violent storm, which destroyed 25 of their 60 boats and damaged many others. Bradstreet and his men remained at the site for three days repairing what they could.

Today, the park features a 600-foot handicap-accessible fishing pier, a concession stand and bait shop, paved walkways, picnic tables and beach. A wooden footbridge crosses the creek to the eastern part of the beach, where kayaks and canoes may be launched.
From Lake Erie Public Access Guide

Green space in the partially-shaded upper area of the Bradstreets Landing includes amenities including picnic areas, a picnic deck, concession building and bait store, and paved trails. This site has a 125-foot sand beach west of the pier. A small groin marks the beach area’s western extent. The east side of the park is accessible by crossing a wooden footbridge over a small Lake Erie tributary. A wooded area lines the back of this 300-foot long sand beach.

Restrooms on site, closed during the winter.

Handicap accessible, paved fishing pier.