Bedford Reservation–Circle Emerald Field, Button Road

Cleveland, Ohio 44146
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Also, see Bedford Reservation and Cuyahoga Valley National Park-Lower Cuyahoga River Important Bird Area

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Bedford Reservation–Circle Emerald Field, Button Rd.
Coordinates: 41.382626, -81.567314
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Photos by Liz McQuaid

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Bedford Reservation Trails

About Circle Emerald Field
Circle Emerald Field is located at the end of Button Road on the north side of the Bedford Reservation. It has been a “Woodlands of Bedford” nature site for many years, published in the Emerald Necklace on average one or two times per year. Woodlands of Bedford is the Cleveland Metroparks program series that Fred Losi leads monthly. The name and location is not promoted formally on any map as there isn’t a parking lot, just a dead end on Button Road with a turn around. It is also called Button Road Field, in honor of Otis Button who had a farm at the location in the mid-1800s. This location is one of significance for birding and has very different habitat from the rest of the park.
From Fred Losi

About Bedford Reservation
Located in Bedford, Bedford Heights, Oakwood, Valley View and Walton Hills, Bedford Reservation gives the appearance of a continuous forest of large trees and challenging terrain, which apparently discouraged early logging operations.

The reservation offers trails and picnic areas and includes Shawnee Hills Golf Course as one of its attractions. Flowing through Bedford Reservation is Tinkers Creek, named for a member of Moses Cleveland’s surveying party. The stream drops a dramatic 220 feet over a course of two miles and has cut a steep, walled gorge. The gorge, declared a National Natural Landmark, is a unique area with numerous tree, shrub and flower species.

The Tinkers Creek Gorge Scenic Overlook on Gorge Parkway offers a spectacular vista particularly in the fall.
From Bedford Reservation webpage

Restrooms at locations identified on Bedford Reservation map.