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Woodbury Wildlife Area–Township Highway 302

Coshocton, Ohio 43812
Woodbury Wildlife Area webpage
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Also, see Woodbury Wildlife Area, Woodbury Wildlife Area Important Bird Area, and Coshocton County Birding Drive

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Coshocton County

Woodbury Wildlife Area–Township Highway 302
Coordinates: 40.2552937, -81.9583511
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Tips for birding Township Highway 302
Bird Township Highway 302 from your vehicle from OH-541 to County Road 58, a little over a mile. Ten warbler species have been recorded in this mile during migration and Henslow’s and Grasshopper Sparrows have been reported along this section.

Tips for birding Woodbury Wildlife Area
From Ohio Ornithological Society website

About Woodbury Wildlife Area
Woodbury lies in east-central Ohio approximately five miles west of Coshocton. Access to the area may be gained from a number of state routes including OH-16, OH-36, OH-60, and OH-541. OH-541, which runs east-west through the center of the area, provides good access to a series of county and township roads.

The land comprising Woodbury has undergone many conversions. From early agriculture and timbering to recent strip-mining, the area contains a diverse mixture of habitat types from expanses of grasses and legumes to relatively undisturbed woodlands. Approximately 35 percent of the area is in open land, 8 percent in brushland, and 57 percent in woodland. There are over 150 small water impoundments on the area, most of which were developed during strip-mining activities. This number includes 42 wetlands and 116 ponds.
From Woodbury Wildlife Area webpage

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