Columbiana County

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Columbiana County Birding Drive

Little Beaver Creek Important Bird Area

All Hotspots in Columbiana County
Beaver Creek State Park
Beaver Creek State Park–Sprucevale Road
Broadway Wharf
Fairmount Road and Lusk-Lock Road
Firestone-Yeagley Wildlife Area
Foundry Hill Road
Franklin Square Pond
Guilford Lake State Park
Guilford Lake State Park–Dam and Spillway
Haiti Road Wetland
Hellbender Bluff Public Hunting Area
Highlandtown Reservoir–Dam
Highlandtown Reservoir–Headwaters
Highlandtown Reservoir–North Arm
Highlandtown Wildlife Area
Lee Cemetery
Little Beaver Creek Greenway Trail
Little Beaver Creek Greenway Trail–Franklin Square Trailhead
Little Beaver Creek Greenway Trail–Lisbon Trailhead
Little Beaver Creek Greenway Trail–Logtown Trailhead
Little Beaver Creek Greenway Trail–Teegarden Trailhead
Lusk-Lock Road @ Little Beaver Creek
McClellan Road Covered Bridge
OH-39 @ OH-164 Intersection
Rowley Run Beaver Marsh
Salem Reservoir
Scenic Vista Park Public Hunting Area
Sheepskin Hollow State Nature Preserve
Smith Road, Fredericktown
Willow Grove Park
Woodland Cemetery, Salineville
Woodsdale Cemetery
Zepernick Wildlife Area
Zepernick Wildlife Area–Ruff Pond

Top Hotspots in Columbiana County
100 or more species reported (updated 10/1/2018)
Firestone-Yeagley Wildlife Area – 147
Beaver Creek State Park – 128
Guilford Lake State Park – 120
Sheepskin Hollow State Nature Preserve – 111