Hazard Arboretum

Hazard Arboretum
Wilmington College
Wilmington, Ohio 45177

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Clinton County

Hazard Arboretum
Coordinates: 39.438596, -83.8143647
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About Hazard Arboretum
The Arboretum was founded in 1962 in Frank O. Hazard’s name. Mr. Hazard was a member of the Wilmington College faculty for 34 years. He graduated from Wilmington in 1927 and began teaching in the biology department the following year. In 1937 he was named the chairman of the biology department. He was also the Dean of Personnel and Assistant to President, Dr. Sheppard A. Watson. Mr. Hazard was a member if the Gamma Phi Gamma fraternity.

The Arboretum was originally planned for only 10 acres at the south side of campus. Today it has grown to 17 acres. The natural area adjacent to the Arboretum is about 15 acres.

Today, the Arboretum has grown to be an important part of not only the college but the community as well. Lytle Creek had pollution problems that were caused by run-off from a nearby airport. Once the airport was made aware of this problem, they redesigned their drainage system to be more environmentally friendly. Now, the creek is restored, but the species are slow to come back. Even today, the fish are rarely seen.
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