How to change the location of a checklist in eBird

On any page in eBird click on “My eBird” near the top of the page.

In the right column headed “My Checklists” click on the second item “Manage My Checklists.”

Locate the checklist for which you want to change the location and click on “View or edit” in the right column.

The checklists are listed in chronological order with the newest ones at the top. You can click on “Show All” at the top right to get a list of all your checklists on one page. The links at the top of each column will change the sort order. You can use the search function of your internet browser to search for a date or location. Note that the date is formatted with the year first, then the month, then the day, e.g., 2019-11-21.

At the top of the page choose “Edit Location.” The location you used for this list is to the left.

This brings up the page “Where did you bird?” Select the first item “Nearby Location on a Map.”

Your personal locations are blue markers and shared bird reporting Hotspots are red. Zoom in, if necessary, you can click on a red or blue marker and you will see the name of that marker in the column on the right. Your choice is not saved until you click on “Continue” in that column, so you can switch to a different marker if you need to do that.

When ready, click on “Continue” which will save the location.