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What’s New–November 26, 2018

Big Walnut Trail
Thanks to the many Ohio birders who have submitted suggestions of eBird hotspots, tips for birding, and photos of hotspots.

New eBird Hotspots

Greene County
Morris Reserve

Updates and Changes

Franklin County
Big Walnut Trail
Thanks to Rob Thorn for adding photos and extensive tips for birding locations along the Big Walnut trail.
Big Walnut Trail–Granville Road to Galloway Preserve
Big Walnut Trail–Olde Ridenour Road
Academy Park

Mobile site updated
The Ohio eBird Hotspot mobile website has been updated so that the pages now display left justified on a smartphone or a tablet.

I have also found a way to modify the Bar Chart Table so that it displays properly on a mobile device. I am updating the home page and county pages first. I will update the hotspot pages as I have time.

What’s New — November 19, 2018

New eBird Hotspots

Franklin County
Hilliard Green Park

Noble County
Hiramsburg Cemetery

Pickaway County
Elmon Richards Scioto River Fishing Access

Stark County
Sippo Lake–Marina and Fishing Pier

Tips for using this website

About this Website
Check the latest page About Ohio Birding Drives

“Focus on” blog
Check out the new “Focus on . . .” blog.

Focus on Birding near a State Line
Ohio is bordered by Michigan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Indiana. There are a number of Ohio eBird hotspots located near a state line. It is helpful to know where the state line is located so that the birds will be assigned to the proper state.
This is a list of locations in Ohio where the state line passes near an eBird hotspot.
eBird has a help article on eBirding along County, State, and Country borders with suggestions of how to handle your checklists when you are watching birds near a border.

Changes or updates

Cuyahoga County
Brecksville Town Square
Added tips and a map about observing Turkey and Black Vultures in the area of the Town Square.

What’s New — November 12, 2018

New eBird Hotspots

Delaware County
Havener Park

Franklin County
Big Walnut Trail–Granville Road to Galloway Preserve
Big Walnut Trail–Olde Ridenour Road

Noble County
Seneca Lake Park

Tips for using this website

New “Focus on” blog
Check out the new “Focus on” blog which will highlight birding destinations in Ohio, those that are popular and some that are “lightly birded” but would benefit from more eBird checklists.

Focus on Magee Marsh
Magee Marsh Wildlife Area attracts birders from all over the world. There are a number of hotspots set up in eBird to receive your bird checklists when you visit, including the world famous Magee Marsh Boardwalk.

Focus on Birding near a County Line
In Ohio, there are a surprising number of parks, wildlife areas, trails, and a National Park which are located on a county line. This is a list of locations in Ohio where the county line passes through the area.

Suggestions of locations to be featured are welcome. Perhaps you would like to write a description of a location you recently visited which you think other birders might enjoy.

Recently added: County Rare Bird Alert links
A link to the eBird Rare Bird Alert is added to each county page. The eBird Rare Bird Alert is a list of all the rare birds reported during the last week in your county. This is a much shorter list than for the whole state of Ohio. Some counties will have no rare bird sightings in a given week.

For example, the Rare Bird Alert for Cuyahoga County appears in this way:
eBird Links
Explore in eBird OverviewHotspotsRecent Visits
eBird Rare Bird AlertCuyahoga County
Top eBirders in County All TimeCurrent Year
My eBird County links Life ListYear ListMonth List

What’s New — November 5, 2018

New eBird Hotspots

Athens County
Dairy Barn Ora Anderson Trail

Auglaize County
Memorial Park, Saint Marys
See photo to right

Geauga County
Maple Highlands Trail–North of Fifth Avenue, Chardon

Lorain County
Calvary Cemetery, Lorain

Lucas County
Toledo Memorial Park

Mahoning County
Beaver Township Nature Preserve

Sandusky County
County Road 202

Changes to eBird Hotspots

Stark County
Sippo Lake
We have adjusted the name of the hotspot for the Conservation Center to:
Sippo Lake–Sommer Wildlife Conservation Center and Walking Trails
This facility has a new building and a new name. It provides access to and parking for the trails in this section of the park. We have merged the hotspot which was named Sippo Lake–Tower into this hotspot. The tower no longer exists but was located near the same trails which are now served by the Conservation Center.

Tips for using this website

With the move to the WordPress platform, the Ohio eBird Hotspot website now has an RSS feed. “What’s New” and “About This Website” are being processed as blog posts and you can subscribe to them using your RSS feed reader. Use the URL for the website: birding-in-ohio.com

What’s New — October 29, 2018

New eBird Hotspots

Franklin County
Casto Park

eBird Hotspot Name Changes

Union County
Marysville Upground Reservoir
This is the only hotspot for this reservoir. The name had been Marysville Reservoir–Raymond Rd., which implies it is a sub-location. The entrance to the reservoir is on Raymond Road, and the hotspot may be used for checklists of birds seen on or around the reservoir.

New Stakeout Hotspot

Richland County
stakeout Northern Wheatear, Shiloh (2018)
The last reported sighting of the Northern Wheatear was October 23.
If you have submitted a sighting of this bird to eBird at a personal location, please consider changing the location of your checklist to this stakeout hotspot.

For more information about reporting rare bird sightings:
Reporting Rare Bird Sightings

What’s New — October 22, 2018

Updated Information

When known, we have added information about restrooms and handicap accessible facilities on pages about hotspots in the right column above the map. This information is missing for many locations. It is helpful to birders to know whether or not there are restrooms at the location. The availability of wheelchair access or other handicap accessible facilities is very useful for some birders. If you can help to fill in the gaps with new information or corrections, please use the contact link on the top menu bar to send this information to the editor.

New Hotspots

Portage Lakes–North Reservoir, Myers Island

Ashtabula County
Red Brook Metropark

Clermont County
Pierce Preserve

Delaware County
Highbanks Metro Park–Overlook Trail

Greene County
Wright Brothers Memorial Park

Lorain County
Black River Landing

Summit County
Portage Lakes–North Reservoir, Myers Island
Richfield Heritage Preserve

Renamed Hotspots

Lucas County
119th St., Point Place
149th St., Point Place
Point Place is a neighborhood in Toledo near the Michigan border. There are several hotspots, including these two, which provide views of birds on Maumee Bay.

What’s New – October 7, 2018

New Hotspots

Cuyahoga County
North Olmsted Community Park

Summit County
We have added hotspots at Nimisila Reservoir in Summit County. The overall hotspot may be used for birds seen from various locations around the reservoir. If you use the new hotspots, please limit each checklist to birds seen at the specific location. These new hotspots should be helpful to birders in finding where to go around the reservoir to view birds.
Nimisila Reservoir–Campground and Boat Ramp
Please note that vehicle access to the Campground is limited to registered campers during the camping season.
Nimisila Reservoir–Parking Lot C1 and Boat Ramp
Nimisila Reservoir–Parking Lot C3
Nimisila Reservoir–Parking Lot C4
Nimisila Reservoir–Parking Lot C5
Nimisila Reservoir–Parking Lot C6 and Boat Ramp
Nimisila Reservoir–Parking Lot C7
Nimisila Reservoir–Parking Lot SM2 and Boat Ramp
We have added the parking lot identification to the hotspot at the Dam and Spillway
Nimisila Reservoir–Parking Lot SM3, Dam and Spillway

Wayne County
Rogues Hollow Historical Park

Hotspot Name Changes

The Tri-County Triangle Trail has changed the name of the trail to Paint Creek Recreational Trail.
Fayette County
Paint Creek Recreational Trail–Robinson Rd. Trailhead, Shaw Wetlands
Ross County
Paint Creek Recreational Trail–Austin Trailhead

Hamilton County
The hotspot for Caldwell Nature Preserve was incorrectly entered as Caldwell Park
Caldwell Nature Preserve
The hotspot name for Daniel Drake Park has been adjusted from Drake Park to use the full name of the park
Daniel Drake Park

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How to get a “life list” of bird species at a personal location