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Butler County Birding Drive

Gilmore Ponds Important Bird Area
Great Miami River-Lower Important Bird Area
Hueston Woods Important Bird Area
Voice of America Important Bird Area

All Hotspots in Butler County

Bulls Run Arboretum
Combs Park
Dudley Woods Metro Park
Ellis Lake Wetlands
Fernald Nature Preserve
Fernald Nature Preserve–North Woods (Butler County)
Forest Run MetroPark
Gilmore MetroPark
Governor Bebb MetroPark
Great Miami River Trail
Great Miami River Trail–Middletown
Great Miami River–Low Level Dam
Harbin Park
Hueston Woods State Park
Hueston Woods State Park (Butler County)
Hueston Woods State Park–Avian Research and Education Institute Bird Banding Station
Hueston Woods State Park–Dam
IKEA Mill Creek Pond
Indian Creek MetroPark
Jacksonburg Road
Marsh Lake
Miami River County Park
Miami University
Miami University–Dogwood Grove
Miami University–Ecological Research Center
Miami University–Formal Gardens
Miami University–Natural Areas Bird Blind
Mill Creek
Pater Wildlife Area
Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park
Rentschler Forest MetroPark
Riverside Natural Area
Ross Gravel Pit
Salamander Run Preserve
Voice of America MetroPark
Woodsdale Regional Park
Woodsdale Road Gravel Pit