Western Reserve Greenway Trail–Rome Rock Creek Road

Western Reserve Greenway Trail
Rome Rock Creek Road

Rock Creek, Ohio 44084
Western Reserve Greenway Trail (Ashtabula County) webpage

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Ashtabula County

Western Reserve Greenway Trail–Rome Rock Creek Rd.
Coordinates: 41.6543366, -80.8455402
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About Rome Rock Creek Road Trailhead
The Western Reserve Greenway Trail crosses Rome Rock Creek Road just south of the Rock Creek Trestle that crosses Rock Creek.

About Western Reserve Greenway Trail in Ashtabula County
The Western Reserve Greenway is 43 miles in length, and Ashtabula County is home to 27 of the miles. The trail begins next to West Avenue, across from the ODOT garage, in Ashtabula City and then south below Orwell. From there, the trail proceeds to Champion, just north of Warren.

The Western Reserve Greenway is the former PennCentral right-of-way which was closed in April 1976. The line at one time was also known as the USRA 714 rail line. The right-of-way, which served industry then, is now set to help serve the recreational needs of Ashtabula County.

The Ashtabula County MetroParks secured a 15-year lease agreement with the current property owner, the State of Ohio. The lease, signed by Governor George Voinovich in late May 1997 and recorded in the Ashtabula County courts, authorizes construction of the Western Reserve Greenway on the Ashtabula portion of the former 714 roadbed.
From Western Reserve Greenway Trail (Ashtabula County) webpage

Restrooms at trailheads, portable toilets.