Ashtabula County

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Ashtabula Birding Drive
Conneaut Birding Drive

Conneaut Harbor Important Bird Area
Grand River-Upper Important Bird Area

Top Hotspots in Ashtabula County
100 or more species reported (updated 10/1/2018)
Conneaut Sandspit – 216
Conneaut Harbor – 211
Walnut Beach Park – 200
Geneva State Park – 169
Conneaut Marsh – 160
Malek Park – 159
Lakeshore Park, Ashtabula – 149
Ashtabula River Overlook – 148
Dorset Wildlife Area–Tower Road Wetland – 138
Morgan Swamp Preserve–Long Pond Trail – 123

All Hotspots in Ashtabula County
Ashtabula River Overlook
Camp Peet Metropark
Center Cemetery
Conant Wildlife Area
Conneaut Harbor
Conneaut Marsh
Conneaut Sandspit
Conneaut Township Park
Conneaut Wildlife Area
Crooked Creek Conservation Club
Dorset Wildlife Area
Dorset Wildlife Area–Footville-Richmond Road
Dorset Wildlife Area–Kyle Road East
Dorset Wildlife Area–Kyle Road West
Dorset Wildlife Area–Tower Road Scrub and Woods
Dorset Wildlife Area–Tower Road Wetland
Eyring Wetlands
Fields Brook
Friends of Conneaut Creek Park
Geneva State Park
Geneva State Park–Archery Range
Geneva State Park–Beach
Geneva State Park–Cowles Creek
Geneva State Park–Crabapple Picnic Area
Geneva State Park–Marina
Geneva Township Park
Grand River Lowlands Wetland
Grand River–Callender Road Canoe Access
Grand River–Cork Cold Springs Canoe Access
Grand River–Harpersfield Bridge Canoe Access
Grand River–Jersey Farm Canoe Access
Grand River–Johnson Road Canoe Access
Grand River–Mechanicsville Bridge Canoe Access
Grand River–Schweitzer Road Canoe Access
Harpersfield Covered Bridge Metropark
Hatches Corners Metropark
I-90 Ohio Welcome Center
Indian Trails Park–East 24th Street
Kyle Road Ponds
Lakeshore Park, Ashtabula
Lampson Reservoir
Malek Park
Morgan Swamp Preserve
Morgan Swamp Preserve–Conservation Campus
Morgan Swamp Preserve–Long Pond Trail
New Lyme Wildlife Area
North Kingsville Sand Barrens
Orwell Wildlife Area
Pymatuning High Banks
Pymatuning State Park (Ohio)
Pymatuning State Park–Causeway Parking Lot
Pymatuning State Park–New Bowers Boat Ramp
Pymatuning State Park–Padanaram Boat Launch
Pymatuning State Park–Padanaram Trail
Pymatuning State Park–Poplar Grove Picnic Area (Ohio)
Red Brook Metropark
Stollacker Road
Sunset Park, North Kingsville
Tote Road Park
Walnut Beach Park
Western Reserve Greenway Trail
Western Reserve Greenway Trail–Austinburg Trailhead
Western Reserve Greenway Trail–Eagleville Trailhead
Western Reserve Greenway Trail–Herzog Rotary Park
Western Reserve Greenway Trail–Lampson Road Staging Area
Western Reserve Greenway Trail–Munson Hill Station
Western Reserve Greenway Trail–Rock Creek