Hearthstone Berry Farm

Hearthstone Berry Farm
Nova, Ohio 44859
Hearthstone Berry Farm webpage

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Ashland County

Hearthstone Berry Farm
Coordinates: 41.0499924, -82.3351417
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Tips for birding Hearthstone Berry Farm
The owners of the Hearthstone Berry Farm welcome birders to come to bird during picking hours. You don’t have to pick if you just want to bird. They are making a birding trail for visitors and it will be accessible during business hours free of charge.

About Hearthstone Berry Farm
Hearthstone Berry Farm is a fruit farm in Nova, Ohio. Hearthstone was originally part of an 85-acre dairy farm. In 2008, 34 acres were in Timothy hay and 12 acres of lowland woods grew on the north property line. Over the past 8 years, we have planted peaches, blackberries, black currants, and elderberries. Elderberries were planted in a trial plot as part of a SARE grant in 2010. The bulk of the farm is still in hay, but now the front six acres are in orchard and there is a half-acre pond for irrigation.

The goal is to provide fresh fruit and vegetables for the contiguous counties in a manner that respects the environment and is economically sustainable. Hearthstone will take ten years to bring into full production. Drop by for a jar of honey this year, blackberries the next; enjoy an afternoon in the country and come watch us grow.

Closed for winter.
Saturdays and Thursday by appointment mid-June through August.
We are closed Sundays to spend time with family.
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