Cool Springs Conservation Park

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Ashland County

Cool Springs Conservation Park
Coordinates: 40.7448192, -82.1309195
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Photos by Ken Ostermiller

Ohio Birding Day Hike

Cool Springs Conservation Park Trails
West Side Trails – 1.25 miles
East Side Trails – 1 mile

Tips for birding Cool Springs Conservation Park
This is one of the few park areas near Funk Bottoms that has walking trails. The trails on the west side of the road circle an agricultural field and provide views of the marsh along the Jerome Fork. The trails on the east side of the road are wooded.
From Ken Ostermiller

About Cool Springs Conservation Park
Cool Springs Wildlife Conservation Park is comprised of 192 acres situated on the Jerome Fork of the Mohican River. The park has a hilly terrain with areas of grassland, forest, and marsh. There are also a number of natural springs on the property as well as a five-foot waterfall. These springs feed three trout ponds. Approximately 50 acres of the parkland is actively farmed.

One historical highlight of the park is that Johnny Appleseed once had a small apple tree plantation on the Cool Springs Wildlife property.

Much of the park is open to seasonal public hunting with the exception of the picnic area located near the spring-fed ponds.
From Cool Springs Conservation Park webpage

No restroom facilities.