As a general rule, eBird hotspots are located at places with public access and birders are welcome to enter the location to view birds. There are, however, some exceptions.

There are a few locations, some of which have ongoing research projects, where access is restricted to those who have permission to enter the site. These hotspots have (restricted access) added at the end of the hotspot name.

There are roads in Ohio that traverse privately owned lands which are agricultural fields, grasslands, wetlands, or forests. We have added (view birds from the roadside only) to the hotspot name of some, but not all, of these locations. When viewing birds from a public roadside, do not enter any privately owned land without first seeking permission. In addition, some public lands are designated as wildlife refuges and access is restricted.

In Ohio, there are no entry fees at many city, township, county, state, and national locations. There are some exceptions where there is a fee to enter a park. We have not added this information in the name of the hotspot. When we know this to be the case, entry fees are listed in the description of the location in this website.

Many birders annually purchase an Ohio Wildlife Legacy Stamp and a federal Duck Stamp, both of which provide significant funding for the development and preservation of lands where we go to see birds.