About Notable Bird Sightings

What happened to the BirdTrax display of rare bird sightings?
If you were a fan of the BirdTrax display of notable bird sightings, you may be wondering what happened to it. eBird updated the application program interface (API) which meant the code for BirdTrax no longer works. The developer of BirdTrax did not have the time to continue development and support of the gadget. Instead, check these links.

Ohio Notable Bird Sightings
Thanks to Ken Andrews, an Ohio birder, who wrote the code for this display which you can view at the bottom of the home page of the Ohio eBird Hotspot website. There are two additional tabs on this display you may want to explore: Recent Sightings by County and Recent Checklists by County.

WhereDaBirds is a similar display written by Ed Norton, a Massachusetts birder. I am unable to display WhereDaBirds within the website, so the link opens in a new tab or window. Some birders may prefer this display because it provides links to individual checklists which birders have submitted.