You can use this website to interact with the eBird website and Google maps to get directions to an eBird hotspot. This tip will work on a desktop computer or your smartphone. On a smartphone you must have the Google maps app installed.

Suppose that you want driving directions to the Cleveland Lakefront Nature Preserve (birders sometimes call this “Dike 14”).

First, find the page about this hotspot in this website. (Click on the link above. Or you can find a link to it on the Cuyahoga County page or by using the Alphabetical Index.) When you are on the page about the Cleveland Lakefront Nature Preserve, click on “View details” in the eBird links. This will open a page in the eBird website about the hotspot.

Just below the name of the hotspot, note that there is a link to “Get Directions”. Click on that link. It will open Google maps in a new window with an active marker for the hotspot.

On the Google maps page click on “Directions” to open the dialogue where you can add your location.

Be sure to check the final destination, as the eBird marker for the hotpot may be on a trail at the site rather than in the parking area. That is the case with this hotspot. You can adjust your drive accordingly.