If you are looking for information about where a particular bird has been seen in Ohio, the eBird species map is a great source of information.

There are three pieces of information to enter on the bar across the top of the map. On the left, enter the species for which you are seeking locations. On the right, enter the location. You can choose the whole state, a county, or even a specific address. The map will zoom to your selection. In the middle, you can adjust the date range. Select “Current Year” to narrow the data to more recent sightings. If you are at the beginning of the year you might want to select a range of last year and this year.

In the right column, select “Show points sooner” to display markers when zoomed out on the map.

Now, click on a marker to see checklists which have been submitted at a location. Red markers have checklists within the last 30 days, blue markers have older checklists. Larger markers are hotspots, smaller markers are personal locations.

Adjust the map to your own preferences.