What’s New–Current

New home page for Birding in Ohio

Thanks to a lot of help from Chris Collins, Birding in Ohio is getting a new look. The new “home” page is now live. Over the next several months, we will be adding similar changes to the style of pages throughout the website. There is a new, colorful Ohio map showing the six regions of the state. We will be using the colors on this map to match pages about counties and hotspots.

There are 3720 eBird hotspots in Ohio.

New eBird Hotspots

Adams County
Edge of Appalachia Preserve–Cedar Falls Preserve
Thanks to Michael Crouse for suggesting this additional hotspot in the Edge of Appalachia Preserve.


What’s New–August 1, 2020

I have some good news to share with you about the Birding in Ohio website.

The Ohio Ornithological Society has agreed to partner with me by hosting Birding in Ohio, making possible a secure future for this site. While I am not yet ready to “retire” from working on this project, I have wondered for some time what might happen when I am no longer able to contribute.

So, Birding in Ohio has a new home and we have added the Ohio Ornithological Society logo to the masthead. The content and web address for the website have not changed. In addition to hosting the site, OOS will work with me to recruit volunteers who are interested in data entry and eBird hotspot management.

Tim Colborn, President of OOS, has said, “This new partnership will result in a long-lasting new home for this terrific website with both content and technology support. In addition, it will help increase awareness of the OOS, including the conservation efforts we make to protect birds and bird habitat.”

The website has recently seen a fourfold growth in visits by birders. Nearly 20,000 unique visitors are using the site each month. I have received so many positive comments from birders in Ohio about the information they find on the site. It is very gratifying to be able to volunteer to do a project that is appreciated by so many.
Ken Ostermiller
Birding in Ohio

There are 3720 eBird hotspots in Ohio.

New eBird Hotspots

Butler County
Miami University Main Campus
Thanks to Michael Schramm for suggesting that we add this overall hotspot for the Miami University Main Campus. This hotspot may be used for checklists of birds seen anywhere on campus.

Franklin County
Rose Run Park
Thanks to Zebedee Muller for suggesting this hotspot in New Albany.

Lake County
Gilson Park
Todd Field
Willoughby Village Cemetery
Thanks to Cory Chiappone for suggesting these hotspots in Willoughby and for providing photos and tips for birding.

Lorain County
Oberlin Prairie
Thanks to Paul Sherwood for suggesting this restored prairie on the Oberlin College campus as a hotspot.

Medina County
Hinkley Reservation–Top O’ Ledges Picnic Area
Thanks to Ami Horozitz for suggesting this additional hotspot in the Hinckley Reservation and for providing tips for birding.


Ashtabula County
Ashcroft Woods Conservation Area
Thanks to Thomas Reiter for providing photos and tips for birding.

Ashtabula Towne Square Pond
We have changed the name of this hotspot from “Fields Brook” to help birders better identify how to access this pond and wetland along Fields Brook. The pond may be viewed from the Ashtabula Towne Square road. Please view birds from the roadside only. Thanks to Kim Nordquest for suggesting this change and for providing a photo of the habitat.

Hancock County
Johnson Nature Preserve
Thanks to Katie McGee for providing photos and tips for birding.

Ohio Ornithological Society Birding Site Descriptions

All of the excellent descriptions and tips for birding from the Ohio Ornithological Society website have been transferred to the appropriate locations in Birding in Ohio.

New Birding Community Opportunity

How to Help
Think about the birds you often see at your favorite birding location. Do you visit because you can often see Bobolinks there? Or maybe it is a spot that is good for certain shorebirds in the spring or fall. Help us add a heading of “Birds of Interest” where it is missing in a description of the location. Even better, make it “Birds of Interest by Season,” making a list for each seasons of the year. For example, the page about Metzger Marsh Wildlife Area has a list of “Birds of Interest by Season.”

With the transition to partnership with the Ohio Ornithological Society there is now an email address for submitting birds of interest, tips for birding, photos, updates, or corrections: hotspots@ohiobirds.org

How Birding In Ohio Website is Organized

This website provides information about over 3000 eBird “hotspots” in Ohio. These hotspots are locations to which birders may submit checklists of birds seen.

The hotspots are organized by county.
When you know the county in which a hotspot is located, you can click on a county name, either in the list of counties or on the clickable map, to see all the hotspots in that county.

On each county page, there is a list of all the hotspots in the county, the “top” (up to 10) hotspots which have over 100 bird species reported, and links to birding drives and the Audubon Important Bird Areas in the county.

Finding a hotspot when you do not know the county.
When you don’t know the county where a hotspot is located, you have three ways to find it.

+ Look on the home page for the list of the 35 hotspots in Ohio with the most birds reported. Scroll down on the page to that list to see if the hotspot you want is on the list.

+ Search for a hotspot by using the search icon in the upper right corner of the home page. The icon opens a search box where you can type all or part of a hotspot name and touch enter. You will see a list of all the pages on the website that have information about the hotspot in which you are interested.

+ Click on “Alphabetical List of Hotspots” in the main menu to go to the list of all the hotspot pages in alphabetical order. Use the A-Z index links or your web browser search function to search through the alphabetical list.

Getting information from eBird.
On the home page, use the links that take you to the eBird website.

The links in the Bar Chart table open lists of all the birds reported in Ohio for the whole year or season of your interest.

The link to recent sightings takes you down on the home page to the BirdFinder gadget that shows bird sightings reported in Ohio in the last week.

The links exploring Ohio in eBird opens an overview of birds recently reported in the state, a list of all the counties, the top hotspots, and a summary of recent checklists submitted.

Top 100 birders
If you are interested in the top 100 birders in Ohio, select the link for all time or the current year to see the top birders in the state.

Your Ohio life, year, and month lists
There are links from which you can retrieve your Ohio life list, current year list, and current month list. You must be logged in to your eBird account for this to work.