What’s New–February 23, 2019

New eBird Hotspots

Ashtabula County

Northeast Ohio Regional Airport
Thanks to Lydia Machczynski for suggesting this location as a hotspot. The roads adjacent to the airport can be good for winter raptors.

Highland County

Rocky Fork SP–South Beach and Boat Ramp
Thanks to Dale Bailey for suggesting that we add this hotspot at Rocky Fork State Park.

Licking County

Swamp Road
The agricultural fields adjacent to Swamp Road, which lies between US-40 and I-70, can host ducks and geese during wet weather. This road traverses privately owned properties. Please view birds from the roadside only. Thanks to Brad Imhoff for suggesting this hotspot and adding tips for viewing birds here.

Portage County

Kent State University Campus
Thanks to Dominic Cristiano for suggesting this hotspot.

Stark County

Bolivar Dam (Stark County)
Thanks to Jon Cefus for adding this hotspot and writing tips for birding here. The Bolivar Dam area is in two counties, Stark and Tuscarawas. Please see the Bolivar Dam page for the location of the county line and the two hotspots.


Lucas County

Thanks to Sherry Plessner for letting us know that two metroparks being developed by Toledo Metroparks have recently received official names. These locations have been renamed in eBird.
Manhattan Marsh Preserve Metropark
This location has been known as Manhattan Marsh for some time. Toledo Metroparks is adding “Preserve” to the name.
Glass City Metropark
Formerly known as “Riverside Drive Marina District,” this area is being redeveloped into a new Metropark.

County Page New Features
Added a Google Map to each county page and rearranged the page so that the list of all the hotspots in the county is in the left column. This brings the list closer to the top of the page when you are viewing the website on a smartphone.

Added “stakeout hotspots” in the county to the bottom of the list of all hotspots. Also added a list of all the stakeout hotspots to the page about Reporting Rare Bird Sightings and Stakeouts

What’s New–February 16, 2019

Westlake Wetland
Photo by Bill Ohlsen

New eBird Hotspots

Cuyahoga County
Westlake Wetland
Thanks to Bill Ohlsen for suggesting this hotspot and providing photos and tips for birding at the location. The Westlake Wetland, 16 acres, is the result of a restoration project to preserve and protect the riparian corridor of the Dover Ditch (a tributary of Cahoon Creek). The wetland is located on Cahoon Creek and adjacent to Evergreen Westlake Cemetery.

Summit County
Brust Park
Thanks to Cindy Antenucci for suggesting this hotspot in the Cuyahoga River-Lower Important Bird Area. Brust Park is also on the Summit Bike and Hike Trail and is a parking area for the trail.

Elm Road Public Hunting Area

Trumbull County
Elm Road Public Hunting Area
Mahoning River Pull Off, First Street @ Ticknor Avenue
Thomas A. Swift MetroPark
Thanks to Ethan Kistler for suggesting three hotspots in Trumbull County. The Elm Public Hunting Area is in the Mosquito Creek Corridor Important Bird Area. The other two hotspots are located on the Mahoning River.

Wayne County
Barn Restaurant Pond
Thanks to Kaden Katanic for suggesting this hotspot at the Barn Restaurant just outside Smithville.


Hamilton County
Wyoming Hike-Bike Trail
Thanks to Brandt Schurenberg who added a photo and tips for birding this location.

Mill Creek Park Suspension Bridge
Photo by Bettyann Nagy

Mahoning County
Mill Creek Park–Newport Wetlands
Mill Creek Park–Suspension Bridge
Thanks to Bettyann Nagy for adding photos to two hotspots in Mill Creek Park in Mahoning County. She also has given us tips for birding at the Suspension Bridge.

How to Help

I discovered this week that the contact form you can use to send suggestions about this website was not properly set up. If you tried to send a message about the website via the contact form and did not get a reply, please resend your message. I usually respond to messages promptly.
Ken Ostermiller

What’s New–February 9, 2019

New eBird Hotspots

Weiss Field Woods – Bald Eagle
Photo by James Kerner

Hamilton County
Arlington Memorial Gardens
Thanks to Megan Mahon for suggesting this new eBird hotspot.
Wyoming Hike-Bike Trail
Thanks to Brandt Schurenberg for suggesting this hotspot which is a section of the Mill Creek Greenway Trail.

Lorain County
Weiss Field Woods
Thanks to James Kerner for suggesting this new eBird hotspot in Avon Lake.

Mahoning County
Mill Creek Park–Suspension Bridge
Thanks to Bettyann Nagy for suggesting this new eBird hotspot in the Mill Creek Park.

Richland County
Shelby Black Fork Wetlands
Thanks to Jason Larson for suggesting this hotspot. The Shelby Black Fork Wetlands are adjacent to Shelby Reservoir No. 3.


Wayne Lakes Village – Mohawk Lake
Photo by Cynthia Ploch

Darke County
Wayne Lakes Village
Thanks to Cynthia Ploch for adding photos of the village to the webpage.

Richland County
Gorman Nature Center–Bird Feeders
Gorman Nature Center–Property And Trails
Jason Larson, the Executive Director of the Richland Parks District and the Gorman Nature Center, has worked to split the hotspot at the Gorman Nature Center into two locations, one for the feeders at the nature center visitor center and another for birds seen on the property and trails.

What’s New–February 1, 2019

Chagrin River Corridor IBA

New Hotspots

Thanks to Matthew Valencic who suggested, on behalf of the Audubon Society of Greater Cleveland, two new hotspots in the Chagrin River Corridor Important Bird Area.
Lake County
Hach-Otis Sanctuary–John and Carol Lillich Meadows
Portage County
Paddock River Preserve

Thanks to Jason Larson for suggesting a new hotspot in Holmes County. This is a good place to watch and listen for Wilson’s Snipe. The roads in this area traverse privately owned properties. Please view birds from the roadside only.
Holmes County
Bunker Hill

New Ohio Birding Drive

Thanks to Patty McKelvey for designing and submitting this new circle birding drive in southwest Lorain County.
Southwest Lorain County Circle Birding Drive