What’s New–January 25, 2019

New Focus on . . .

Focus on Winter Birding at Killdeer Plains

New eBird Hotspots

Cuyahoga County

Thanks to Fred Losi for suggesting these additional hotspots in the Bedford Reservation. These should help birders find good birding locations in the park.

Circle Emerald Field, Button Road
Photo by Liz McQuaid

Bedford Reservation–Astorhurst Park

Bedford Reservation–Circle Emerald Field, Button Road
Thanks to Liz McQuaid for submitting photos for this page.

Bedford Reservation–Egbert Picnic Area

Bedford Reservation–Forbes Woods Picnic Area

Bedford Reservation–Little Overlook

Bedford Reservation–Tinkers Creek Gorge Overlook

Bedford Reservation–Willis Picnic Area

Richland County

Clear Fork Reservoir
Wolf School Road Access

Thanks to Jason Larson for suggesting these new hotspots on the Clear Fork Reservoir.

Clear Fork Reservoir–Gass Road Dam And Spillway (view from roadside only)

Clear Fork Reservoir–Lexington-Ontario Parking Lot

Clear Fork Reservoir–OH-97 Pull Off #1

Clear Fork Reservoir–Wolf School Road Access

Updates and Changes

Cuyahoga County

Tinkers Creek
Photo by Liz McQuaid

Bedford Reservation–Bike And Hike Trail, Sagamore Creek
Changed from “Bedford Reservation–Bike And Hike Trail, Alexander Rd. South Lot”. The trail follows Sagamore Creek south.

Bedford Reservation–Bridal Veil Falls
Changed from “Bedford Reservation–Bridal Veil Falls Trail”. The hotspot may be used for any of the trails in the Bridal Veil Falls area.

Bedford Reservation–Hemlock Creek Picnic Area
Changed from “Bedford Reservation–Tinkers Creek.” This hotspot has been used for may years as the starting place for bird walks along Tinkers Creek. This better identifies the section of Tinkers Creek for these checklists.
Thanks to Liz McQuaid for submitting photos for this page.

Bedford Reservation–Viaduct Park
Viaduct Park is managed as part of the Bedford Reservation and the name of the hotspot has been adjusted to “Bedford Reservation–Viaduct Park”

Focus on Winter Birding at Killdeer Plains

January and February winter birding at Killdeer Plains Wildlife Area can be a true adventure. Winter specialties, such as Northern Harriers, Rough-legged Hawks, Long- and Short-eared Owls, Lapland Longspurs, and Snow Buntings are often found in the area. Birders drive the area, birding much of the time from their vehicles, but exiting frequently to scan promising fields and walk in the woods. Sunset is early, 5:45 to 6:00 pm, depending when in the winter you go; starting a little before that, look for Short-eared Owls hunting over the fields.

Check the pages on Killdeer Plains in this website:
Killdeer Plains Wildlife Area
There are 17 eBird hotspots at Killdeer Plains and you will find a page of information on each of them, complete with maps and tips for birding.
Killdeer Plains Birding Drive
This birding drive suggests one way to drive through the wildlife area visiting 8 hotspots.

For reports on past trips check Jim McCarty’s article from the Cleveland Plain Dealer or the report of a trip by the Columbus Audubon Society.

When you go, dress warmly. Plan to stay to see the owls fly. Winter birding in Ohio is a great adventure.

What’s New–January 18, 2019

New eBird Hotspots

Darke County
Wayne Lakes Village (view from roadside only)
Thanks to Cindy Ploch for suggesting this hotspot. She and Ellen Brown, Mayor of Wayne Lakes, provided the description of birding at this location.

Stark County
Republic Landfill
Thanks to Nate Mast for suggesting this hotspot and provided tips for viewing birds there.

Washington County
Devola Lock and Dam #2
Lowell Lock and Dam #3
Thanks to Michael Schramm for suggesting these two hotspots on the Muskingum River.

Tips for using this website

Focus on Reporting Rare Bird Sightings in Ohio
Chasing a rare bird seen in Ohio? Here’s info on reporting your sighting to eBird.

Updates and Changes

Stark County
Malone University
Thanks to Anna Killian for providing a description of the campus.

What’s New–January 11, 2019

New eBird Hotspots

Iron Horse Trail
Photo by Chris Lamb

Greene County
US-35 @ OH-72 Pond (view from roadside only)
Glen Helen Preserve–Sutton Farm (restricted access)

Montgomery County
Creekside Trail–Spinning Road

Stark County
Malone University
Nickel Plate Trail–Crowl Street

Updates and Changes

Stark County
Iron Horse Trail (Stark County)–Cenfield Street
Thanks to Chris Lamb for adding several photos to the page describing this hotspot.

What’s New–January 4, 2019

New eBird Hotspots

Cuyahoga County
Chestnut Grove Cemetery
Old Chestnut Grove Cemetery

Delaware County
Sandel Legacy Trail

Mahoning County
Poland Trail from South Main Street to Middle School

Mercer County
Coldwater Wastewater Treatment Plant
Hechts Landing

Montgomery County
Cox Arboretum MetroPark–Red Trail

Pike County
Pike County YMCA Soccer Fields and Walking Path

Stark County
University of Mount Union

Warren County
Caesar Creek State Park (Warren County)
We have added a county level hotspot at Caesar Creek State Park for Warren County. Use this hotspot to report checklists from several locations in the park in this county. Whenever possible, please use more specific hotspots.
Caesar Creek State Park–Marina

Wayne County
Grosjean Park

Tips for Birding in Ohio

Focus on Top Hotspots
Check the latest “Focus On . . .” blog for ways to find the top hotspots throughout Ohio.

Changes and Updates

Thanks to Bryan Sharp for adding tips for birding to two hotspots.
Franklin County
Keller Farms Park
Scioto Grove Metro Park–Multipurpose Trail

Evans Lake is a private lake in Mahoning County. Because of development around this private lake, there is no longer good public access. Property development on Springfield Road prevents views of the lake from that road. East Middletown Road which crosses the south bay has become busier and it is not safe to stop at this location to view birds.
Mahoning County
Evans Lake (restricted access)
I have merged the two hotspots which we had in eBird for this lake, moved the resulting single hotspot out into the lake, and renamed the hotspot Evans Lake (restricted access).